Social media's message overload: and the ONE message to truly follow

Read this.

EVERYONE has to see this.

If you're a real Christian - support this.

And I'm trying.

So hard.

To be what the world tells me I am supposed to do to be a Christian. To do what I have to do to follow Jesus.

So I scroll.

I like something. I love something. I ha-ha something. And when the time is right, I angry face something and then feel a little empowered that I did.

All of these topics rolling on by my face are important things that I want to put my heart into. I want to invest, and show my support.

Yet I find my attention span fleeting - my passion diluted into a two-minute read. Unless I have to click a link because that's a lot of trouble, and who has time for that?

And oh look - right under the pic of an aborted baby is an album of Sally Anne's vacation to Mexico. So I scan both and try to care, but the lack of investment causes both to become rather forgettable.

Before long, I find myself an apathetic mess. My focus is shot because there are so many things to care about yet my heart, and my time (and my wallet) can only handle so much.


What if God intends our passion to be fully invested in Him? So that He can show us where He wants our hands to work.

What if He is asking us to slow down and sit beside Him so we can listen to His plan?

Because there many many causes we can care about, but let's be honest, there are only so many we can devote ourselves to. That's because we are human with limitations, while God is limitless in His power. He knows where He wants His people to go.

Over again in the Bible - God points His people to their purpose. Moses was sent to face Pharaoh and walk God's people to the promise land. Paul was sent to guide the early church.

Joseph was sent to rear a young Jesus.

Daniel was sent to face a lion. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were sent into a fiery furnace. And Job was sent to suffer through loss.

None sought internet fame. None understood the grand plan or knew they'd one day be the topics of Sunday school lessons for all the generations to come.

They followed God.

I will be honest.

I often feel inadequate, and filled with such turmoil over the plights of the world that I feel like I can never actually make a difference. I've spread myself thin trying to support this - trying to support that. In the long run, I've ended up exhausted and worthless to the people who need me most.

I find myself without the mental strength to really invest in anything after only partially investing in too many things at once.

So, here's what I'm starting to learn.

Out of all the messages that flood my mind daily, there is only one that will lead me exactly where He wants me to be.

Follow Christ.

He is the map.

He is the director of all the causes I care about, and can direct my attention exactly where it should be.

Not because all the causes aren’t important, but because I am a limb of the body of Christ. The arms wear out quickly trying to do what the legs are meant to. The lungs fill with air while the brain fills with thoughts - both are necessary to living a full life - but neither organ can take on the other’s purpose.

This is not a cop out, friends.

The greatest command is that we first love God and then love others.

No matter what we invest our hearts in, we can bend down to lift the weary. We can encourage those in the dark. We can give of ourselves as we breathe in and out, because when we emulate Christ it simply beams from inside of us.

But I think our attention spans are perhaps starting to have a word limit, and I think it is due to this overload of information we scroll past on a daily basis.

So, I just encourage you - and mostly myself - to find out where God wants that passion and fully invest. And then when the time is right - dive into Sally Anne’s Mexico vacation album - because it looks like it was a good trip.

Meg Duncan