What a life

"What A Life" is a weekly, award-winning, column by Meg Duncan featured every Friday in Hannibal Courier Post.

My mom gave me my first Erma Bombeck book, "At Wit's End" long before I had children or a husband.  Her writing style, and fearless humor, drew me in immediately--and I dared dream of one day having my own column.  After attending college for journalism and realizing I preferred writing without relying on unnecessary things like facts and exact quotes, I tried to find my place in the world of publication.

In the summer of 2016, a friend alerted me to a Facebook post of our local newspaper, Hannibal Courier Post. And after a phone conversation with the editor, he offered me a weekly spot in the paper as a humor columnist.  Eighty-three columns later (and counting), I am truly blessed by the feedback and friends I have made through my writing.