Breaking News: Home evacuated after ham and bean dinner

The downstairs level of the Duncan home was evacuated this evening after residents noticed an overpowering smell.

“We could barely breathe,” said the mom. “I got worried about the kids and forced everyone upstairs.”

After searching the home and evaluating the evidence, experts discovered a link between the noxious scent and the ham and beans dinner served that night. They said certain gasses often form when eating said food, and a specific catalyst is known as a susceptible carrier.

“Daddies are often known to have a certain reaction to this kind of dinner,” one expert said. “Though, this was a particularly bad case.”

Daddy is said to have had two helpings of the dinner with cornbread and maple syrup on top and afterward he began to make funny noises before retiring to the living room.

Daddy had no comment.

The family is recovering in their bedrooms.

Meg DuncanComment