Breaking News: Local mom realizes that nobody cares

Living room--Local mom, Meg Duncan, realized that when she talks in her house, nobody cares.

The revelation hit when she opened her mouth to say the same thing she said less than five minutes ago, and no one even looked her direction.

"It's like I was seeing clearly for the first time, " she said.

Duncan believes her constant reminders for the well-being of the household have been widely ignored.

"Apparently they don't care if we get cockroaches from leaving banana peels under the couch," she sniffled. "And telling them that standing there with front door open will let out all the air and jack up our electric bill--it meant nothing to them."

At this point Duncan is unsure how to move forward and says she is probably going to just lose her mind.

"I won't tell any of them that though," she said. "Because they don't care."

Meg Duncan