Breaking News: Tooth Fairy leaves IOU

Logan Duncan's toothfairy forgot to visit the ATM after he lost his tooth at church on Wednesday evening.

"It's the modern world," the fairy said. "Who carries cash these days?"

Duncan felt slighted after he reached under his pillow and found the tooth still there Thursday morning.

"I didn't really think Tooth fairies had bank accounts," he said.

Duncan then filed a formal complaint with his mother who has a known connection to the tooth fairy, and he received a verbal I owe you.

The fairy said it was a mistake on her part and while she understands the boy's dissapointment, she is just as human as everyone else--errr...fairy that is.

Friday morning she said she made good on her I owe you, but the boy was still rather ungrateful at finding a buck under his pillow.

"Well I thought a late fee might apply and I'd get at least five," he said.

With the rising cost of pixie dust, the Tooth fairy said under the pillow offerings will continue to decline, and she might just disappear all together.

"Parents often fire me when the kids get bigger," she said. "They pretend I never even existed at all."

Meg DuncanComment