Breaking News: Waiting room unites to help a mom

Palmyra, Mo--A waiting room full of strangers at the Hannibal Clinic united today in an effort to pull six year old Logan Duncan out from underneath the chairs he was clinging to after the realization he was about to receive two shots.

"I was pretty sure we were going to have to drag the chairs back with him," said his mom, Meg Duncan.

As a waiting room full of strangers took notice to the boy who was screaming, "you will never take me alive!" they jumped in to comfort her after the nurse drug him (and the chair) by his ankles to the shot room door.

Duncan said, once out, the boy refused to allow her back into the shot room with him and has officially accused her of being a traitor. She said everyone in the waiting room continued to support her to make her feel better about herself as a mother.

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