Breaking News: Woman running amok in pink fluffy houseslippers

A woman was spotted today in pink fluffy slippers and bright green pajama pants running after a black beagle hound who was chasing a rabbit.

Witnesses say she and the dog circled three houses before the woman fell on her face in the neighbor's yard screaming, "Wilma get back here!"

The dog is believed to have looked back at the woman, laughing loudly, and zigzagging in the street, although that information is not confirmed.

After an hour long chase, and minus one fluffy slipper (which will is a story all its own) the woman was about to give up when Wilma turned around and just walked home.

The dog is said to have walked in the front door and peed on the rug.

The woman is said to be recovering with a cup of coffee and a book on dog behavior.

Meg Duncan