Breaking News: Boy sues his mom for being mean

Eight-year old Connor Duncan has announced he may soon fall over dead and his mommy doesn't care.

After his mother requested he clean his room, Duncan informed her that a health condition prevented him from doing so.

"I told her my arms were tired and that I couldn't do it," he said. "She just laughed right in my face."

Allegations of being mean have now been made against her, but Mommy said the boy was just making excuses because he did not want to clean his room. She also said this isn't the first time he has tried to avoid his chores.

"Last week he said he had a headache when I told him to take out the trash," she said. "Next thing I knew he was playing video games while I was hauling trash bags out the door."

Duncan stands by his condition of exhaustion and that he might just die if he has to clean his room. He has now sought the counsel of dreaded litigator, Grandma, who confirmed his claim is valid.

"These are very serious charges," she said. "He said his arms were tired but she told him he has to do it anyway."

Grandma said that she is prepared to go to bat for the boy, and that both justice and cookies will be soon be served.

Meg Duncan